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Gartone Press Factory The History of Gartone Press

Gartone Press was founded in 1988 by the owner and Managing Member, Garth Harrup. It soon took shape by the acquisition of Heidelberg printing presses. In the early days we started off with a Heidelberg Kord 64 in a small shop of 60m². We pushed through long days of hard work, nothing was going to come easy. The industry required high standards. Full colour work was the way to go and the vision was to install high speed full colour presses.

Today we are based in Kew, strategically located to all major routes. The well designed factory of 800m², full of the latest equipment, delivering a high standard of colour work.

The company has grown from strength to strength, offering superior service in the areas of pre-press and print production. We have been able to compete for major corporate accounts along with small and medium sized business.

With our vast print experience we are able to add huge value to our client base. With highly skilled and talented staff we are able to build business and maximize growth.

Our vision to take real life images and put them into print has always been a dream. People look, see and imagine. Gartone Press is merely the tool to enhance other business leaders to fulfill their vision to grow and establish themselves.

History in the making - Taking real life images and putting them into print.